Spanish name Colibri for a hummingbird (Colibree of English authors; "The name, trochilus, has also been applied to the Colibrees, though I know not for what reason: Colubris seems to be the [more] appropriate epithet" (SDW 1836 per Richmond Card Index)).
● (syn. Anthracothorax Ϯ Jamaican Mango A. mango; syn. Archilochus Ϯ Ruby-throated Hummingbird A. colubris); "Besides the old species of Colibree - the Rubythroated Colibree (Colubris rubens,) AUDUBON has discovered another - the Mango Colibree (Colubris mango.)" (Wood 1837).
● (syn. Chlorostilbon Ϯ Puerto Rican Emerald C. maugaeussyn. Florisuga Ϯ White-necked Jacobin F. mellivora; syn. Mellisuga Ϯ Vervain Hummingbird M. minima); "[plate]15. Der blaubrüstige Kolibri  ... Colubris Ourissia  ... [plate]16. Der honigfressende Kolibri  ... Colubris Mellivorus  ... [plate]39. Der kleinste Kolibri  ... Colubris minimus" (Hübner 1793).

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