(Thraupidae; Ϯ Black-and-white Tanager C. speculigera) Gr. κωνος kōnos  cone; θραυπις thraupis  unknown small bird, perhaps some sort of finch. In ornithology thraupis signifies tanager; "Conothraupis, a new genus of Tanagers. -- I have been kindly permitted to acquire in exchange from the Warsaw Museum a skin of Schistochlamys speculigera, Gould (P. Z. S. 1855, p. 68), one of the few Tanagers wanting in my series. I am now convinced that the genus Schistochlamys (sive Diucopis) is not the proper position for this curious bird, which is remarkable for its straight gonys and but very slight incurved culmen. I propose to remove it to near Arremon, where I think it will fit in better, under the new generic term Conothraupis (κωνος, conus, and θραυπις, tanagra); so that it will stand as Conothraupis speculigera." (P. Sclater 1880).
Synon. Rhynchothraupis

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