(Acanthizidae; Ϯ Rusty Mouse Warbler C. murina) Gr. κρατερος krateros  stout, strong; σκελος skelos, σκελεος skeleos  leg; "[Key] f''. Tail of moderate length, not hidden by the plumes of the rump.  ...  l'''. Bill equal in height and depth.  i4. Rictal bristles scarcely perceptible. . .31.CRATEROSCELIS   ...  [Text] 31. CRATEROSCELISRange. New Guinea, Waigiou, Mysol, Aru Island.  ...  1. Crateroscelis murina.  ...  2. Crateroscelis monacha." (Sharpe 1883). Despite careful searching I am unable to find any reference alluding to the stout legs of these terrestrial warblers. Recent work indicates that this genus should be subsumed into Origma.

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