(Musophagidae; Ϯ White-bellied Go-away-bird C. leucogaster) Genus Crinifer Jarocki, 1821, plantain-eater; Gr. -οιδης -oidēs resembling; "Crinifer is no longer used for our Grey Lourie, but Corythaixoides A. Smith. It is difficult to understand why this has been done and leucogaster retained in the same genus. Corythaixoides, Crinifer and Gymnoschizorhis are all similar in having the crest feathers shredded to the tips; but Crinifer differs in having the bill smaller; and Gymnoschizorhis has the bill as in Crinifer, but the face nude. "Corythaixoides" leucogaster (Rüppell) differs from all of them in having the tips of the crest feathers broad and only the base shredded, and the tail pattern is so distinct that it must be regarded as even more distinct from the species of the three existing genera than these three genera are from one another. I  propose, therefore, to create a fourth genus: CRINIFEROIDES gen. nov.  genotype Chizaerhis leucogaster Rüppell." (A. Roberts 1926); "The single species belonging to this genus lacks turacoverdin, being predominantly grey with white, unstreaked underparts, and the coronal crest comprises elongated, clubbed feathers   ...   in plumage, vocalisation and geographical range, it is intermediate between Corythaixoides and Crinifer, though having more plumage characters in common with the latter, but differences are too great for its inclusion in Crinifer." (Forshaw & Cooper 2002).

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