(Glareolidae; Ϯ Cream-coloured Courser C. cursor) Specific name Charadrius cursor Latham 1787; "GENUS LXXV.  CURSORIUS.  Rostrum teretiusculum, apice incurvato, acuto.  Rictus amplissimus.  Nares ovatæ.  Lingua acuta.  Pedes cursorii, tridactyli.   1. europæus.   ...  Charadrius gallicus, Gmel. Syst. i. p. 692.  Coure-vite, Buf. viii. p. 128.—Pl. enl. 795.  Pluvialis morinellus flavescens, Ger. Orn. t. 474.  Cream-coloured Plover, Lath. Syn. v. p. 217. 25.  HABITAT in Europa rarissimus   ...   2. asiaticus.  ...  Charadrius coromandelicus, Gmel. Syst. i. p. 692.  Coure-vite de Coromandel, Buf. viii. p. 129.—Pl. Enl. 892.  Coromandel Plover, Lath. Syn. v. p. 217. 26.   HABITAT in Coromandela" (Latham 1790); "Cursorius Latham, Ind. Orn., 2, 1790, p. 751. Type, by subsequent designation, Charadrius europaeus Latham = Charadrius cursor Latham (Swainson, Zool. Illustr., 2, 1822, text to pl. 106)." (Peters 1934, II, 299). The Cream-coloured Courser was described from a vagrant immature bird shot near Wingham in Kent in 1785.
Var. Cursor.
Synon. Dromius, Microcursorius, Tachydromus.

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