(Leiothrichidae; Ϯ Himalayan Cutia C. nipalensis) Nepalese name Khutya for the Himalayan Cutia; "With these preliminary remarks I shall now attempt to characterise our bird, as the type of a new genus or sub-genus, either of the Lamprotorninæ or of the Crateropodinæ, as the learned shall please.  Cútia nobis.  Khutya (quasi Pedatus) of the Nipalese.  ...  Type Cútia Nipalensis, nobis.  Nos. 254, 255, of the new specimens and drawings in the possession of the Zoological Society. In order to illustrate the affinities of our bird, I proceed to compare it with Pastor roseus and with Lamprotornis spilopterus.  ...  As for our Cútia, amidst all its anomalies (so to speak) of external structure, there is certainly something Sturnine in its aspect; and, by the formation of its feet and wings, as well as by its variegated plumage, it bears some resemblance to Sturnella; a genus "leading directly to the true starlings."" (Hodgson 1837).
Synon. Heterornis.

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