(Corvidae; Ϯ Blue Jay C. cristata) Gr. κυανος kuanos  dark-blue; κιττα kitta  jay; "The birds of which I have been treating appear to be in want of a generic name. They stand in the same relation to the South American genus Cyanocorax, typified by C. pileatus, and of which Cyanurus, Swains., is a synonym, which Garrulus bears to Corvus, being essentially Blue Jays, while the species pileatus, cristatellus, peruvianus, azureus, cyanopogon, and one or two others composing Cyanocorax, are Blue Crows.  Mr. G. R. Gray's genus Calocitta (typified by C. Bullocki, and perhaps including the Asiatic species erythrorhynchus) is distinguished by great length of tail, and there is consequently no generic name for these Blue Jays, which I would therefore propose to name Cyanocitta, taking C. cristata, Linn. sp., as the type, and including the species ultramarina Bonap., superciliosa, mihi, floridana, Bartram, stelleri, Pall., coronata, Swains., and probably a few others. The beak is much more slender, more depressed, amd the culmen straighter than in Cyanocorax." (Strickland 1845).
Synon. Cyanogarrulus, Lophocorax, Stellerocitta.

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Recommended citation
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