Gr. δασυς dasus  hairy; πτιλον ptilon  feather.
● (syn. Poliocephalus Ϯ Hoary-headed Grebe P. poliocephalus) "DASYPTILUS, Sw.  Bill short, strong: the culmen arched; the tip bent. Under mandible with the gonys very short and angulated. Quills internally emarginated. Tail none.  D. poliocephalus. Ill. of Orn. i. pl. 13" (Swainson 1837)
● (syn. Psittrichas Ϯ Pesquet's Parrot P. fulgidus) "Genus XXIV. Dasyptilus *) Haarlori.   ...  caput et collum supremum ex parte nuda; cutis circa oculos et infra genas plumis piliformibus obsita  ... ptilosis rigida, sicca, plumis subtilissime barbulatis; plumae occipitis et colli rigidae, strictae, adplicatae, crissi longae, amplae, juguli latae, apice rotundatae.   Species generis unica Americae (an Novae-Guineae?) incola, tam Sittacis quam Microglossis vicina (fide Lesson.)  Vitae ratio ignota.    Species: 1. D. Pecquetii.   ...   *) Δασυς pilosus, hirsutus, πτιλον pluma.  —  Genus Psittrichas (an a ψιττακος et θριξ!) Lesson, Bullet. univ. 1831. p. 241." (Wagler 1832); "Dasyptilus Wagler, Mon. Psitt. (Abhandl. Ak. Wissen. Münch. vol. i.), p. 502  1832 (Introd. Dec.). Type (by monotypy): D. pesqueti Less. = B. fulgidus Lesson." (Mathews 1927, 322).

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