Gr. δενδρον dendron  tree; φιλος philos  lover.
● (syn. Arborophila Ϯ Common Hill Partridge A. torqueola) "Mr. Hodgson, of Nipal, in a letter received while the last pages of this journal were passing throught the press, requests us to alter the generic name of the Perdix described at page 303 from Arborophila to Dendrophila. This emendation, we are sorry to say, arrived too late to be introduced into the body of the work" (Hodgson 1837) (OD per Björn Bergenholtz).  A purist replacement name.
● (syn. Sitta Ϯ Velvet-fronted Nuthatch S. frontalis) "DENDROPHILA, Sw.  General structure of Sitta; but the nostrils are large, oval, open, and almost entirely naked; the base of the bill widened; and the tip of the culmen is inclined downwards.  India only.*   D. flavipes. Part 5. No. 130.   frontalis. Zool. Ill. i. pl. 2.  ...  *I do not believe that either of these two birds exhibit, in perfection, the typical characters of this genus, which, from theory, I suppose to intervene between Climacteris and Sitta. I have, therefore, had some hesitation in proposing the group" (Swainson 1837); "Dendrophila Swainson, 1837, Class. Birds, 2, p. 318. Type, by subsequent designation (G. R. Gray, 1840, List Gen. Birds, ed. 1, p. 18), Dendrophila frontalis (Swainson)." (Greenway in Peters 1967, XII, 125). 

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