‡ (Dinornithidae; Ϯ North Island Giant Moa D. novaezealandiae) Gr. δεινος deinos  mighty, formidable; ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "Professor Owen exhibited various bones, being the remains of a gigantic Struthious Bird (Dinornis Novæ-Zealandiæ, Owen) which has become extinct in the North Island of New Zealand  ...  The results of the foregoing comparisons justify the reference of the Great Bird of New Zealand to a distinct genus in the Struthious order, for which I propose the name Dinornis, with the specific appellation Novæ Zealandiæ" (Owen 1843). The giant moas may have survived until the early 15th century.
Synon. Megalornis, Moa, MoviaOwenia, Palapteryx, Tylopteryx.

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