(Paradisaeidae; Ϯ Black-billed Sicklebill D. albertisi) Gr. δρεπανη drepanē  sickle  < δρεπω drepō  to pluck; ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "THE name Drepanephorus having been recently used by Sir Philip Egerton for a species of fossil fishes, Mr. Sclater proposes to change the generic name which he gave to the Paradise Bird discovered by the Italian naturalist D'Albertis to Drepanornis. We shall shortly have the opportunity of offering to our readers a description of this bird from the hand of Mr. Sclater, together with a drawing illustrating its peculiarities." (P. Sclater 1873 (Nature)); "DREPANORNIS *, gen. nov.  Rostro tenui, valde compresso, arcuato, plus quam duplo longiore quam caput: mandibula superiore longiore: fronte media, oculorum ambitu et capitis lateribus denudatis: pectore fascia duplici plumarum magna, utrinque ornato: cauda modice elongata, rotundata.  Sp. typica et unica  D. ALBERTISI.  ...  Forma Epimacho maximo forsan proxima, sed rostro elongato arcuato et cauda breviore rotundato distinguenda  ...  *δρεπανη, falx, et ορνις, avis.  The term originally suggested was Drepanephorus; but this has been changed to Drepanornis (cf. Nature, July 3, 1873, p. 192) in consequence of the former having been recently used by Sir Philip Egerton for a genus of fossil fishes." (P. Sclater 1873 (P.Z.S.)); "Drepanornis Sclater, 1873 (July 31), Nature, 8, p. 192; idem, 1873, Proc. Zool. Soc. London, p. 560. New name for Drepanephorus Sclater 1973 nec Egerton, 1872 (Pisces). Type, by original designation, Drepanephorus albertisi Sclater." (Mayr in Peters 1962, XV, 189). Cracraft 1992, postulated three phylogenetic species here.
Synon. Drepananax, Drepanephorus.

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