(syn. Synthliboramphus Ϯ Xantus's Murrelet S. hypoleucus) Gr. ενδομυχος endomukhos  secret, hidden  < ενδον endon  within; μυχος mukhos  interior; ουρα oura  tail; "MICRURIA Grant. This generic name, as used by Mr Ogilvie-Grant [1898], is preoccupied in Coleoptera by Micruria Reitter [1875]. Since by reason of the very long tarsi, tail of 12 feathers, and the absence of any spotted condition of plumage, this appears to be a well-defined group, it may bear the name Endomychura, from ενδομυχος, occultus, and ουρα, cauda; the type being Brachyrhampus hypoleucus Xantus" (Oberholser 1899).

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