(syn. Poodytes Ϯ Spinifexbird P. carteri) Gr. ερημια erēmia  desert, wilderness; ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird; "I shot two of these birds on barren, rocky ranges in the dense spinifex tufts" (Carter in North 1900); “Eremiornis, gen. nov.  ... EREMIORNIS CARTERI, sp. n.  ... The slender bill, short tarsi, small feet, and abnormally long upper and under tail coverts, which conceal the greater portion of its long and broad tail feathers, will serve to distinguish it from any other Australian genus. The long tail, short and rounded wings, and habits would indicate its position as being nearest that group of birds frequenting sterile situations with a sparse and stunted vegetation, among which are included Amytis, Hylacola, and Stipiturus.  ... It will be known by the vernacular name of Carter's Desert-bird.” (North 1900).

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