(Muscicapidae; Ϯ European Robin E. rubecula) L. erithacus  unknown small winter bird, perhaps the European Robin, that metamorphosed in the summer to another (perhaps a redstart)  < Gr. εριθακος erithakos  unknown small bird, perhaps the European Robin, the Common Redstart, or the Black Redstart; "Rouge-gorges . . .  Erithacus." (Cuvier 1800); “This generic name is first met with on the second table at the end of Cuvier’s Leçons d’Anat. Comp. 1800. It is founded on “Rouge-gorges,” a group-name in the plural. There can be little doubt that Cuvier intended to use the name for the Robin, and in a previous work (‘Tableau elementaire,’ 1798) by the same author there is a reference to the “Rouge-gorge (Motacilla rubecula).” It would perhaps be difficult to justify the use of the name under the strict application of the international rules, but it has had such a long and widespread currency that the Committee have decided to retain it in preference to Dandalus of Boie [1826] ...  which has been used by Hartert and others of late years” (BOU 1915); "Erithacus Cuvier, 1800, Leçons Anat. Comp., 1, tab. 2. Type, by monotypy, Motacilla Rubecula Linnaeus." (Ripley in Peters 1964, X, 32).   
Var. Eritacus, Erythacus.   
Synon. Dandalus, ErythacaFicedula, Helminthophaga, Phaeca, Rhondella, Rubecula.

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