Gr. ερυθροπους eruthropous, ερυθροποδος euthropodos  red-footed   < ερυθρος eruthros  red; πους pous, ποδος podos  foot.
● (syn. Alectoris Ϯ Red-legged Partridge A. rufa) "So, also, on the Continent, the common red-legged partridge (Erythropus vulgaris) is the colour of the gravelly and sandy soils on which it is found" (Blyth 1835); "Two of the Redfoot, (Erythropus Gallicus), or Red Partridge of ordinary parlance, occupy the next plate, and are well figured" (Blyth 1836).
● (syn. Falco Ϯ Red-footed Falcon F. vespertinus) "XIII. G.  Rothfußfalke, Erythropus Br.   Der blaugraue Rothfußfalke, E. vespertinus Br." (Brehm 1828); "Erythropus C. L. Brehm, Isis, 1828, col. 1279. Type, by monotypy, Falco erythropus Linné." (Peters 1931, 1, 297) (erroneous typification).

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