(Accipitridae; Ϯ Red Goshawk E. radiatus) Gr. ερυθρος eruthros  red; τριορχης triorkhēs  buzzard  < τρεις treis, τρια tria  three; ορχις orkhis  testicle (see Triorchis); "ERYTHROTRIORCHIS RADIATUS (Lath.).  Urospizias radiatus, Sharpe, Cat. B. i. p. 159.   ...  Mr. Gurney has pointed out to me an error that I made in adopting this species as the type of Kaup's genus Urospizias, whereas Kaup intended his type of that genus to be the Astur radiatus of Temminck (nec Lath.) = A. approximans. I overlooked this by some mistake; and as this Red Harrier Buzzard is really generically distinct, I adopt the name of Erythrotriorchis, with which Mr. Gurney proposes to supplant Urospizias of my 'Catalogue.'" (Sharpe 1875).

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