(syn. Cygnus Ϯ Mute Swan C. olor) Gr. ευ eu  fine; genus Olor Wagler, 1832, swan; "While recording Cygnus Bartram, which is considered as valid ex Zimmermann, 1793, Richmond writes: "The species is the one now known as Olor cygnus (Linnaeus), type of the genus Olor Wagler, 1832. At the moment it looks as if the swans were in for a transfer of names, but it is not at all improbable that some binary author has used Cygnus before 1793, and the name may finally rest upon one of the other species.["] The unreasonable and illogical acceptance of binary authors may eventually cause a lot of trouble and "finally" may be a long way. Considering that Sherborn had recorded all the binomial names it really seems absurd that a "novel" rendering of the word "binary" should be allowed to make confusion, without advantage. In the present case the type of the genus Cygnus, whether of the binary Zimmermann or the binomial Bechstein, is Anas cygnus L., and we therefore propose Euolor gen. nov. for Anas olor Gm. - Euolor olor" (Mathews & Iredale 1917).

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