(syn. Trichoglossus Ϯ Scaly-breasted Lorikeet T. chlorolepidotus) Gr. ευτελης eutelēs  cheap, paltry  < τελος telos  expense; Mod. L. psitta  parrot  < Gr. ψιττακη psittakē  parrot (cf. anagram of genus Psitteuteles auct., lorikeet); "Genus CLXXVIII. Eutelipsitta nom. nov. replaces Psitteuteles nec Bonaparte.   Genus CLXXIX. Psitteuteles Bonaparte replaces Ptilosclera (Bp.) Gould.  ...  Gray's designation invalidated all later type differentiations, and consequently Ptilosclera must be replaced by Psitteuteles, and a new name is necessary for the group erroneously known by the latter name. I therefore propose Eutelipsitta, and designate as type Psittacus chlorolepidotus Kuhl." (Mathews 1911); "Eutelipsitta Mathews, Nov. Zool., 18, 1911, p. 10. New name for Psitteuteles of authors, not of Bonaparte." (Peters 1937, III, 147).

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