(syn. Cathartes Ϯ Turkey Vulture C. aura) Spanish name Gallinazo for the Turkey Vulture in tropical America  < L. gallinaceus  of hens  < gallus  cockerel; "3. GALLINAZE, Catharista.  Vultur, Linn. Gm. Lath.  ...  Esp. Vautour urubu. - Aura, Sonnini, édit. de Buffon" (Vieillot 1816); "It is a story current in the Island of Cuba, that when the Havana was taken by Lord Albemarle in 1762, the English soldiers seeing the Gallinaza Aura Vieill. feeding, as it is often accustomed to do, among the domestic fowls in a farm yard, took them for Black Turkeys; and were only undeceived by the disgustingly putrid odour which these voracious birds emit on being handled. The name under which the bird is known to all our English colonists, namely Turkey-Buzzard, and M. Vieillot's generic name Gallinaza, adopted from the Spanish as mentioned by Acosta, have both reference to the relation which this Vulture undoubtedly bears to the Rasores" (Macleay 1833).

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