L. gallus  cockerel; Mod. L. phasis  pheasant  < Med. L. phasis avis  pheasant.
● (syn. Lophura Ϯ Kalij Pheasant L. leucomelanos) "At present I incline to consider it [Crossoptilon] in the former light, and to assign the type a place between Phasianus and Euplocomus, vel Nycthemerus - a type which, by the bye, I characterised 11 years ago in the Oriental Quarterly, under the style of Gallophasis, assigning the Kálich of KIRKPATRICK'S Nepal as the icon. The oblique compression and curve of the tail constitute the principal character of that type, (Gallophasis, vel Euplocomus,)" (Hodgson 1838).
● (syn. Pucrasia Ϯ Koklass Pheasant P. macrolopha) "34. Gallophasis (Hodgson, type,) pucrasia.  [Phasianus pucrasia, Vigors and Gould. This bird certainly does not rank well in any of the divisions hitherto established among the Pheasants  ...  but it approximates the restricted Phasiani more than it does any other group  ...  known to sportsmen by the names Plass, Pucrass, and Koklass" (Hodgson 1843).

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