(syn. Lophura Ϯ Silver Pheasant L. nycthemera) Gr. γενναιος gennaios noble  < γενναω gennaō  to beget; "19. Gennaeus Wagl., Edelfasan.  Character universalis Phasiani; tarsi longuli, validiusculi, calcare (mari) aucti [sic]; cauda longissima voluminosa, vix arcuata, tectriciformi-disticha.  ...  Species: 1. Gen. nycthemerus (Phas. nycth. Linn.) —?— 2. Gen. albocristatus  ...  —?— 3. Gen. lineatus  ...  Gennaeus albocristatus und G. lineatus habe ich nicht gesehen" (Wagler 1832); "Gennaeus Wagler, Isis von Oken, 1832, col. 1228. Type, by monotypy, Phasianus nycthemerus Linné. (Of the three species included in the genus as originally constituted, two are "species inquirendae" and as such are excluded from consideration in determining the type.)" (Peters 1934, II, 111).

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