(Columbidae; Ϯ Zebra Dove G. striata) Gr. γεω- geō-  ground-  < γη gē  earth; πελεια peleia  dove; "Geopelia, Sw.  Size small.  Wings short, rounded; the first three quills graduated, the first generally narrowed towards the tip.  Tail lengthened, graduated, obtuse.  Hinder toe shorter than the tarsus.   India.   The tenuirostral type.   G. lineata. Mus. Carl. pl. 67." (Swainson 1837); "Geopelia Swainson, Classif. Bds., 2, 1837, p. 348. Type, by monotypy, Geopelia lineata Mus. Carl. pl. 67 = Columba striata Linné.  ...  Geopelia striata striata (Linné)  Columba striata Linné, Syst. Nat., ed. 12, 1, 1766, p. 282. (East Indies, restricted type locality Java.)...  2 It has been claimed that Columba sinica Linné, Syst. Nat., ed. 10, 1, 1758, p. 164, based entirely on the Chinese Dove of Albin, p. 43, pl. 46, is an earlier name for this bird; in my opinion there are too many discrepancies in Albin's description to permit it to be used with any degree of certainty as the basis for this or any other dove." (Peters 1937, III, 100).
Var. Geopeleia, Geopilia.
Synon. Chrysauchoena, Erythrauchaena, Stictopeleia, Tomopeleia.

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