Gr. γλαυξ glaux, γλαυκος glaukos  owl with glaring eyes.
● (syn. Aegolius Ϯ Tengmalm's Owl A. funereus) "Glaux Tengmalmi, Tengmalms' Owl.   Glaux nudipes, Little Owl." (Morris 1837) (OD per Björn Bergenholtz).
● (syn. Bubo Ϯ Snowy Owl B. scandiaca) "In support of this, we shall bring to our aid the acute observer and indefatigable naturalist, Wilson, who, in his North-American Ornithology, speaking on the Nóctua (Glaúx Rylands's MSS.*) Nýctea, snow owl, makes the following decisive observations."Unlike most of this tribe, he hunts by day as well as by twilight  ...."   ...  * Our reason for proposing Glaúx, as the sub-generic name for the snow owl (Nýctea) and its affinities, arises not from any wish to substitute our own for other naturalists' nomenclature, but merely to prevent the disadvantage necessarily accruing from there being two genera in the animal kingdom with the same appellation. Thus, an extensive group of insects are arranged under the genus Nóctua, and Nóctua is likewise used to designate the owl in question, and its affinities. Glaúx is taken from the Greek, and has the same signification as the Latin Nóctua, simply an owl. - R. [Glaúx is the name of a genus of plants characterised and denominated by Linnæus. [eds.]]" (Rylands 1836)
● (syn. Tyto Ϯ Eastern Grass Owl T. longimembris) "Genus GLAUX, Blyth.   103. GL. CANDIDA (Jerdon's Ill. Ind. Orn. pl. 30).  SYN. Strix longimembris, Jerdon.  HAB. Plains of India; common: very rare on the mud-soil of Lower Bengal." (Blyth 1851); "Glaux Blyth, Journ. As. Soc. Bengal, xix. no. 7, p. 513, 1850 = 1851. Type: G. candida = Strix longimembris Jerdon.  Not Glaux Rylands, Mag. Nat. Hist. (London), vol. ix. p. 179, April 1836." (Mathews 1927, 278).

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