(syn. Otus Ϯ Seychelles Scops Owl O. insularis) Gr. γυμνος gumnos bare, naked; genus Scops Brünnich, 1772, owl; "It differs, however, from all other Owls of the Scops group: — (1) by the fact that its ear-tufts, if any, are only rudimentary; and (2) by its tarsi wholly unfeathered, excepting a narrow line for about a quarter of an inch down the front of the tarsus, while the back of the joint is entirely bare. And I venture to think that these differences entitle it at least to subgeneric, if not generic, rank.  ...  I venture to propose for this bird the name of Gymnoscops insularis, nov. gen. et spec.   GYMNOSCOPS, nov. genus.  Ear-tufts rudimentary; tarsi and feet unfeathered.   GYMNOSCOPS INSULARIS, nov. spec.  Ex insulis Seychellarum." (Tristram 1880); "Gymnoscops Tristram, Ibis, 1880, p. 458. Type, by monotypy, Gymnoscops insularis Tristram." (Peters 1940, IV, 86).

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