(Cardinalidae; Ϯ Red-crowned Ant-tanager H. rubica) Güaraní name Habia for various finches and tanagers. "HABIA, Saltator, Vieillot  ...  Le nom habia, que j'ai appliqué à ce genre, est celui que quatre espèces de cette division portent au Paraguay, et que M. de Azara leur a imposé particulièrement" (Vieillot 1817); "THE FINCH-TANAGERS (Habia, Vieillot) -- Have a thick, bulging, conical bill, as broad as high, the upper mandible of which is rounded above.  Such are Tan. flammiceps, Pr. Max., T. superciliosa, psittacina, and atricollis, Spix, &c." (Blyth 1840); "Habia Blyth, 1840, in Cuvier's Animal Kingdom, p. 184 [reference not verified]. Type, by subsequent designation (Oberholser, 1922, Proc. Biol. Soc. Washington, 35, p. 80), Tanagra flammiceps Temminck (ex Wied MS) = Staltator [sic] rubicus Vieillot." (Storer in Peters 1970, XIII, 295). The ant-tanagers, also known as habias or ant-cardinals, were formerly included with the tanagers Thraupidae.
Var. Abia.
Synon. Chlorothraupis, Oinobas, Phoenicothraupis.

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