(Haematopodidae; Ϯ Eurasian Oystercatcher H. ostralegus) L. haematopus, haematopodis  blood-foot  < Gr. αἱμα haima, αἱματος haimatos  blood; πους pous, ποδος podos  foot; "81. HÆMATOPUS.  Rostrum compressum: apice cuneo æquali.  Pedes tridactyli, fissi." (Linnaeus 1758): ex "Haematopus" of Belon 1555, Aldrovandus 1599-1603, Linnaeus 1745, and Linnaeus 1746, and "Sea-Pie" of Willughby 1676, Ray 1713, and Albin 1731-1738; "Hæmatopus Linné, Syst. Nat., ed. 10, 1, 1758, p. 152. Type, by monotypy, Haematopus ostralegus Linné." (Peters 1934, II, 231). Linnaeus's Haematopus comprised a single species.
Var. HimatopusHoematopus, Haemantopus.
Synon. Melanibyx, Ostralega, Ostralegus, Palostralegus, Prohaematopus.

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