Gr. αἱμα haima, αἱματος haimatos  blood; ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos  bird.
● (syn. Pycnonotus Ϯ Sooty-headed Bulbul P. aurigaster) "HÆMATORNIS, SWAINS.  {Bill short; rictus bristled. Lateral toes unequal. Hinder toe shorter than the tarsus.  Types. —1. Chrysorrhoëus, LE VAILL. iii. 46.   2. Turdus hæmorrhous, AUCT.   3. T. bimaculatus, HORSF.   4. Erythrotis, SW. (L. jocosus, LINN.) &c." (Swainson 1832); "Haematornis Swainson, 1832, in Swainson and Richardson, Fauna Bor.-Amer. Birds (1831), p. 485. Type, by subsequent designation, Turdus aurigaster Vieillot. (G. R. Gray, 1840, List Gen. Birds, p. 29.) Not Haematornis Vigors, 1831, in Gould." (Deignan in Peters 1960, IX, 223).
● (syn. Spilornis Ϯ Crested Serpent Eagle S. cheela) "Genus HÆMATORNIS. ...  HÆMATORNIS UNDULATUS.  ...  From their comparative strength of body, the straight base and lengthened shape of the bill, and the bold habits which are known to belong to one at least of the species, they seem allied to that division of the Falconidæ which includes the Eagles; while some of their minuter peculiarities, particularly the rugose hexagonal scales of the acrotarsia, apparently bring them into immediate alliance with the Ospreys, or the genus Pandion of M. Savigny" (Vigors 1832); "Haematornis Vigors, Proc. Comm. Zoöl. Soc. London, 1831 (March, 1832), p. 170. Not Haematornis Swainson, Feb., 1832. (Turdidae.)" (Peters 1931, 1, 270).   Var. Hematornis.
● ► Himantornis 

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