(Accipitridae; Ϯ Brahminy Kite H. indus) Gr. ἁλι- hali- sea-  < ἁλς hals, ἁλος halos  sea; L. astur, asturis  hawk  < Gr. αστεριας asterias  hawk  < αστηρ astēr, αστερος asteros  star; "Genus Haliastur, (3) MIHI ...  (3) Whether this group, of which F. Pondecerianus Auct. is a type, belongs to this subfam. [Accipitrinæ], or to the Pandions (Ospreys), seems a matter of doubt. I have substituted the title of Haliastur for that of Haliæëtus, given it by Mr. Swainson, as the latter already designates a group of the Eagles. To it will belong the Haliæëtus leucosternus and Haliæëtus canorus of "Gould's Syn. of the Birds of Australia"" (Selby 1840); "Haliastur Selby, Cat. Gen. Subgen. Types Aves, 1840, p. 2 (note), p. 3. Type, by original designation, Hal. pondicerianus = Falco indus Boddaert." (Peters 1931, 1, 204).
Var. Haliastui.
Synon. Dentiger, Halinertus, Ictiniastur, Ictinoaetus, Milvaquila, Milvulus.

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