(Scotocercidae; Ϯ Neumann's Warbler H. neumanni) Gr. ἡμι- hēmi-  half, akin to  < ἡμισυς hēmisus  half; genus Tesia Hodgson, 1837, tesia; "Except for an abbreviated tail, this bird shows no special affinity to the genus Sylvietta  ... The bill of neumanni is markedly broader, its feet are much larger, and its coloration is different from that of any species of Sylvietta. ... There is a much plainer resemblance to the genus Tesia of southern Asia ... In Tesia, however, the tail has undergone still greater reduction and is virtually hidden beneath its upper coverts.  I propose therefore to erect a new genus for the African bird:  Hemitesia genus novum  TYPE.- Sylvietta neumanni Rothschild, 1908.  Similar in the form of its flattened bill, rounded wings, and large feet to Tesia Hodgson, 1832" (Chapin 1948).

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