(syn. Podilymbus Ϯ Pied-billed Grebe P. podiceps) Gr. ὑδρο- hudro-  water-   < ὑδωρ hudōr, ὑδατος hudatos  water; ωκα ōka  quickly  < ωκυς ōkus  quick; "Subgenus. - HYDROKA.  ...  PIED-BILL DOBCHICK. (Podiceps carolinensis, LATH. BONAP. Syn. No. 367.  RICHARD. North. Zool. ii. p. 413.  Colymbus podiceps, and C. ludovicianus, GMEL. Pied-Bill Dobchick, CATESB. Car. i. pl. 91 [adult]. BUFF. Pl. Enl. 943. [young.]  Pied-Bill Grebe, PENN. Arct. Zool. No. 418. Phil. Museum, No. .)  ...  They often swim about without appearing to take any alarm from the peaceful spectator; but in the next moment dive and swim under water for such a length of time, as to appear, for several minutes, entirely invisible; and at such times, these Water Witches, as they are deservedly called, are often moving about entirely submerged to the bill, which is the only part elevated above the water, and, in the covert of the surrounding aquatic herbage, this small projecting point is not only easily overlooked but with difficulty discerned" (Nuttall 1834).

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