(syn. Bonasa Ϯ Ruffed Grouse B. umbellus) Gr. ὑλη hulē  woodland, forest; βροντης brontēs  thunderer  < βροντη brontē  thunder; "TYMPANUCHUS Glog. 1842, becomes BONASA Steph. 1819. - BONASA Steph. 1819, becomes HYLOBRONTES nom. nov.  Bonasa was originally based upon the "Heath-hens," Tetrao cupido and T. umbellus, Stephens, Gen. Zool., XI (1819), p. 298, and the Prairie Chicken being the first species must be taken as the type. This name having priority will replace Tympanuchus, while for Bonasa of the Check-List I propose Hylobrontes,3 type Tetrao umbellus L.  ...  3 ὑλη wood  woodland, βροντης, a thunderer." (Stone 1907); "Hylobrontes Stone, Auk, 24, 1907, p. 198. Type, by original designation, Tetrao umbellus Linné. (new name to replace Bonasa Stephens, thought to be transferable to Tetrao cupido Linné under the "first species" rule.) (Peters 1934, II, 39).

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