(syn. Falco Ϯ Brown Falcon F. berigora) Gr. ἱερακιδευς hierakideus  falconet, little hawk  < dim. ἱεραξ hierax, ἱερακος hierakos  falcon; "Genus IERACIDEA, Gould.  ...  Bill and general form as in Falco, but the wings are less powerful, and the third quill-feather is the longest; the tarsi also are more elongated, slender, and covered anteriorly in hexagonal scales; toes more feeble, the hind toe shorter, and the claws less robust.   IERACIDEA BERIGORA." (Gould 1838); "Ieracidea Gould, Syn. Bds. Austr., pt. 3, 1838, pl. 43. Type, by monotypy, Falco berigora Vigors and Horsfield." (Peters 1931, 1, 305).   Var. Jeracidea, Jecaridea, Hieracidea (“Ieracidea, Gould, ought to be written Hieracidea, the word ἱέραξ being aspirated” (Strickland 1841)).

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