(Leiothrichidae; Ϯ Spotted Crocias L. albonotatus) Dim. < genus Lanius Linnaeus, 1758, shrike; "2. Sub-genus (?), LANIELLUS.  Bill short, rather weak; tooth of the upper mandible very small and reduced to a notch; under mandible entire; rictus strongly bristled; nostrils large, covered by a membrane, the aperture lateral, oblong.  Feet strong; tarsi elevated, the scales entire; outer and inner toes equal; claws rather small.  Wings rounded, very short.  Tail lengthened, cuneated; the feathers very narrow.  Colours dull.    Type.—Lanius leucogrammicus, REINWARDT.    OBS.—I suspect this may prove to be the rasorial type of the restricted genus Lanius; the nostrils, in fact, are quite those of a rasorial bird." (Swainson 1832); "Laniellus Swainson, 1832, in Swainson and Richardson, Fauna Boreali-Americana, 2 (1831), pp. 125 (footnote), 127, 481. Type, by original designation and monotypy, "Lanius leucogrammicus Reinwardt" = Lanius albonotatus Lesson." (mihi).
Synon. Crocias.
● (syn. Panurus Ϯ Bearded Tit P. biarmicus) "The Bearded Tit ought undoubtedly to stand as a genus by itself, and to rank among the Lanianæ, or birds of the shrike kind; which group it seems more nearly to resemble, than it does the tits, or any other.  ...  Mr. Blyth proposes Laniellus as a generic name, which I think very appropriate. The species may accordingly be termed Laniellus Biarmicus" (Rennie 1833).

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