(syn. Prosopeia Ϯ Red Shining Parrot P. tabuensis) Dim. after Edgar Leopold Layard (1814-1900) English diplomat, civil servant, naturalist; "However, under the genus name Pyrrhulopsis there is classed in the Catalogue of Birds five species, viz., splendens, tabuensis, koroensis, taviunensis, and personata. All are restricted to the Fiji group  ...   There cannot be the least doubt that these are very closely related to the Alisterus group, and in this cae we have undoubtedly an example of the age of coloration as contrasted with "structural" differences.  When we examine this series we find that all the birds are larger than those of Alisterus, having larger bills  and these have lost the distinctive gap shown by the bill in that genus. Furthermore the restricted habitat of the various species has caused deterioration in their flight capabilities and this is obvious from the altered wing formation.  The wing has become more rounded and six, not five, primaries constitute the tip; of these, the third, fourth, and fifth are subequal and longest, the second being very slightly shorter, while the sixth is nearly as long and longer than the first.  Moreover the evolution has proceeded so that the immature and female bear the same plumage as the male.  For this group, typified by Psittacus tabuensis Gmelin (of which Psittacus hysginus Forster is an absolute synonym, notwithstanding the remarks of Salvadori and Sharpe to the contrary) I propose the generic name LAYARDIELLA in honour of E. L. Layard, whose long and earnest study of the Fijian Avifauna, I desire to emphasize." (Mathews 1917).

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