(syn. Gymnomyza Ϯ Crow Honeyeater G. aubryana) Gr. λεπτος leptos  delicate, slender; Mod. L. myza  honeysucker  < Gr. μυζαω muzaō  to suck; "In regard to another honey-eater of the same island, Leptomyza aubryana, they [Layard & Layard] make the very interesting remark that they found one specimen which "had the throat covered with yellow pollen; this we have also found on Gliciphilæ and Myzomela, and we doubt not some of the large, lofty, flowering trees are fertilized by such agency, as insects are very scarce here [New Caledonia]"" (Stejneger 1885); "Leptomyza Stejneger, 1885, Stand. Nat. Hist., 4, p. 535. Type, by monotypy, Leptornis Aubryanus Verreaux and Des Murs. Not Leptomyza Macquart, 1835 (Insecta)." (Salomonsen in Peters 1967, XII, 423).

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