(Fringillidae; Ϯ Common Linnet L. cannabina) Mod. L. linaria  linnet  < L. linarius  belonging to flax  < linum  flax; "Mit im Umfange rundem, kurzem und kurzzugespitztem Schnabel.  Die Nahrung bloß öhlige Sämereyen. (Linaria.)  7. Hanffink (Hänfling: F. cannabina et Linota, Linn.)" (Bechstein 1802).
Synon. AcanthisAgriospiza, Cannabia, Cannabina, Linophaga, Linota, Pseudacanthis, Sizeris, Warsanglia.
● (syn. Passerina Ϯ Indigo Bunting P. cyanea) Mod. L. linaria  linnet; "Linaria ciris (emberiza ciris Linn.) or painted finch, or nonpareil of Catesby, is not seen North of Cape Fear, in North Carolina  ...  Linaria cyanea (tanagra Linn.) the blue linnet, is supposed by some to be the nonpareil, in an early stage of life, not being yet arrived to his brilliancy and variety of colours; but this is certainly a mistake, for the blue linnet is longer and of a slenderer configuration, and their notes more variable, vehement and sonorous" (Bartram 1794).

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