(Pellorneidae; Ϯ Abbott's Babbler M. abbotti) Gr. μαλακος malakos  soft; Mod. L. cinclus  thrush  < Gr. κιγκλος kinklos  small unidentified waterside bird; "The following is a Crateropodine genus, allied to Pellornium, and bearing some vague resemblance to the Malacopteron group.   Malacocincla, nobis.  ...  Plumage full and lax, the coronal feathers somewhat elongated and of a spatulate form.  M. Abbotti, nobis.  ...  Discovered by our industrious contributor, Capt. Abbott, in the island of Ramree, Arracan" (Blyth 1845).   
Synon. Anuropsis, Elocincla, Nannothera, Ptilopyga.

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Recommended citation
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