(syn. Turdoides Ϯ Jungle Babbler T. striata) Gr. μαλακος malakos  soft, delicate; κερκος kerkos  tail; "MALACOCIRCUS striatus.  Striated Babbler.  Family Merulidæ. Sub-fam. Crateropodinæ. Sw.  North Zool. 2, p. 156. Genus Malacocircus.   GENERIC CHARACTER.  Bill rasorial, i.e. short, high at the base, conspicuously arched from the front, where the feathers are divided; tip obsoletely notched.  Tarsi thick, moderate; the scales entire.  Wings and tail rounded.   SUB GENERA.  Megalurus.  Pomatorhinus. Horsf.  Malacocircus.  Leptonyx. Sw.    ...   The present species we received from Ceylon, but without any notice of its habits: another specimen is in the Paris Museum, under the manuscript name of Gracula striata, from the circumstance of the scapular quills, and also the tail feathers, being marked with transverse lines of a darker brown, varying in intensity according to the rays of light." (Swainson 1833); "Malacocircus Swainson, 1833, Zool. Ill., ser. 2, 3, no. 28, pl. 127. Type, by monotypy, Malacocircus striatus Swainson." (Deignan in Peters 1964, X, 331).   Var. Malacocercus.

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