Gr. μεγας megas, μεγαλη megalē  great; -πτερος -pteros -winged  < πτερον pteron  wing (cf. μεγαλοπτερυγος megalopterugos  with large wings).
● (syn. Anous Ϯ Lesser Noddy A. tenuirostris) "Megalopterus: tenuirostris Tem. col. 202. u.s.w." (Boie 1826).
● (syn. Lamprotornis Ϯ Burchell's Starling L. australis) "Sub-genus MEGALOPTERUS.  ...When flying, the wings appear out of proportion to the body, and give the appearance of a size to the bird which in reality it does not possess. In the movement of the wings there is also a marked difference between it and the smaller species of the genus." (A. Smith 1836).

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