(Picidae; Ϯ White-rumped Woodpecker M. tristis) Gr. μειων meiōn  smaller, lesser  < comp. μικρος mikros  small; γλυπτης gluptēs  carver  < γλυφω gluphō  to carve; "Meiglyptes, Sw.  Bill thick and broad at the base, as in Melanerpes.  Culmen considerably arched; the sides much rounded, and somewhat cylindrical.  Lateral ridge wanting.  Wings long.  Versatile and anterior toes equal.  Tarsus slightly shorter.   India.   Fissirostral.    P. poicilophus. Pl. Col. 197. f. 1." (Swainson 1837); "Meiglyptes Swainson, Classif. Bds., 2, 1837, p. 309. Type, by monotypy, Picus poicilophus Temminck = Picus tristis Horsfield." (Peters 1948, VI, 147).
Var. Meiglytes, Meigleptes, Meiglyptus, Miglyptes.
Synon. Hemicircoides, Stugnopicus.

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