(Cisticolidae; Ϯ Visayan Miniature Babbler M. leytensis) Gr. μικρος mikros  little; genus Macronous Jardine & Selby, 1835, tit babbler; "Micromacronus, new genus   Diagnosis.—Presumably related to the genus Macronus of the family, or subfamily, of babblers, Timaliidae. It agrees with M. ptilosus of that genus in having three patches of specialized feathers, one on the back and one on each side. These feathers are elongated, with white, slightly thickened shafts and with the vanes reduced to scattered barbs. In other species of Macronus such feathers are present only on the back.   ...   Were it not for the presence of the specialized feathers, Micromacronus is so different from Macronus that no relationship would be suspected; indeed it would be difficult to place the new bird as to family. Probably, after eliminating the Dicaeidae on the basis of wing structure, it would be regarded as a leaf warbler.   ...   Micromacronus leytensis, new species   ...   Diagnosis.—The same as for the genus, of which it is the only known member." (Amadon 1962). These birds, also known as plumed warblers or babbler-tits, were for long considered to belong to Timaliidae; their exact position still remains unclear.

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