Gr. μικρος mikros  little; genus Trogon Brisson 1760, trogon.
● (syn. Nonnula Ϯ Rusty-breasted Nunlet N. rubecula) "N.o 19: Microtrogon fulvescens (1) W. Bertoni (gen. nov.)  ...  Se parece mucho á los Trogon en el esqueleto y en su plumaje algodonoso y descompuesto  ...  Sus costumbres y procederes son de Trogónido   ...   N.o 20: Microtrogon galbuloides W. Bertoni   ...   A primeras vista lo creí Galbula  ...   (1) Del gr. micron pequeño y trogónido" (Bertoni 1901); "Microtrogon W. Bertoni, An. Cient. Paraguayos, (1), no. 1, 1901, p. 41. Type, by present designation, Microtrogon fulvescens Bertoni = Bucco rubecula Spix.1   ...   1 Microtrogon Bertoni was published with two contained species. Of these the first is Microtrogon fulvescens Bertoni (= Bucco rubecula Spix) which is described in the fullest detail; the second is Microtrogon galbuloides Bertoni so incompletely described that it has never been satisfactorily identified with any known species, in fact it is not clear whether the description was based on a bird seen but not collected, or from memory of a specimen that had been lost; there is no assurance that it is a bucconid at all." (Peters 1948, VI, 19).
● (syn. Trogon Ϯ Amazonian Trogon T. ramonianus) "MICROTROGON novo nome generico proposto para Trogon ramonianus Des Murs  ...  Eu proponho promover o Trogon ramonianus Des Murs ao grau dum genero novo a ser chamado Microtrogon, um termo que me parece muito acceitavel como sendo bastante significativo duma das feições notaveis" (Goeldi 1908).

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