(syn. Pachycephala Ϯ Mangrove Whistler P. cinerea) Portmanteau of genera Muscicapa Brisson 1760, flycatcher, and Tchitrea Lesson 1837, paradise flycatcher; "Muscitrea, nobis.  ...  Tail moderately developed, its feathers of nearly equal length. The general plumage inclines to be dense, and is unadorned with bright colours and glossless in the only known species.  M. cinerea, nobis.  ...  General colour ashy-brown above, greyer on the head, and tinged with fulvous on the exterior margins of the secondaries; beneath albescent, a little brown across the breast" (Blyth 1847); "Muscitrea Blyth, 1847, Journ. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, 16, p. 121, is unidentifiable because the type species, Tephrodornis grisola Blyth, is unidentifiable" (Mayr in Peters 1967, XII, 8). Pachycephala grisola (Blyth) was formerly treated as an earlier name for P. cinerea (see Hylocharis ● and Hyloterpe).

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