(Accipitridae; Ϯ Egyptian Vulture N. percnopterus) Gr. myth. Neophron, jealous son of Timandre, a lover of Aegypius. Neophron, in turn, seduced the latter's mother, Bulis, and then tricked Aegypius into sleeping with her! Neophron and Aegypius were metamorphosed into vultures; Bulis into a heron, and Timandre into a hawk or small bird; "3. NEOPHRON.  Bec délié; cire molle, inclinée, très-avancée; narines longitudinales: langue mutique: quatorze rectrices.  ...  GENRE III, NEOPHRON.  ...  ESPÈCE.  3. NEOPHRON Percnopterus.  Le Percnoptère." (de Savigny 1809); "Neophron Savigny, Descr. Égypte, Ois., 1, 1809, p. 68, 75 and 76. Type, by monotypy, Vultur percnopterus Linné." (Peters 1931, 1, 263).
Var. Nophron.
Synon. Abernius, Percnopterus.

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