(syn. Calidris Ϯ Long-toed Stint C. subminuta) Gr. νεος neos  new; genus Pisobia Billberg, 1827, sandpiper; "The bird described by Horsfield as Totanus damacensis differs from the preceding in its longer legs and especially longer toes and claws. The hind toe and claw is also very long. The metatarsus is more than a fourth the length of the wing, and the middle toe is longer than the culmen: in typical members of the genus Pisobia the metatarsus is less than one-fourth the wing and the middle toe is shorter than the culmen. These differences seem to constitute a subgeneric distinction that may be emphasized by the new subgeneric name of NEOPISOBIA." (Mathews 1913); "Neopisobia Mathews, Bds. Austr., 3, 1913, p. 245 (in text). Type, by original designation, Totanus damacensis Horsfield = Totanus damacensis Auct. not of Horsfield = Tringa subminuta Middendorff." (Peters 1934, II, 282).

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