(syn. Aythya Ϯ Greater Scaup A. marila) Gr. νητταριον nēttarion  little duck, duckling (originally a term of endearment)  < dim. νηττα nētta  duck; "Fulix of Sundevall, (Kong. Sv. Vet. Ak. Hand. for 1835, 1836, 129,) assigned here by Gray, is merely used as a name for one group of the ducks with lobed hind toe, Somateria, his genera being Somateria, Fulix, and Mergus. Still, as he gives no type and names no species, it may be admissable to assign the name to a particular genus, and I shall therefore retain it for the present division. Should this be considered inadmissable, I would propose the name of Nettarion for the same genus.  The Fuligula collaris of North American species appears most to resemble the type" (Baird 1858).

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