Gr. νοτος notos  south, southwest; ψιττακος psittakos  parrot.
● (syn. Cyanoramphus Ϯ Raiatea Parakeet C. ulietanus) "[Text, p. 45, line 16] Polynesian forms may represent a third subgenus (Bruce & McAllan in prep.)  ...  [separate errata sheet issued 29 May 1989]  ERRATA  ... p. 45: Delete line 16, from top of page, and replace with: "Polynesian forms represent a fourth subgenus, for which we propose the name Notopsittacus subgen. nov. We designate as type species, Cyanoramphus ulietanus (Gmelin, 1788). At present the subgenus also includes C. zealandicus (Latham, 1790). Details of these two extinct species are found in Holyoak & Thibault (1984), and we will be publishing more on this group later (Bruce & McAllan in prep.)."" (McAllan & Bruce 1989); "There is simply no excuse for such sloppiness, particularly by authors who have specialized in nomenclatural minutiae. Notopsittacus Bruce and McAllan, 1989, being a preoccupied name proposed with no diagnosis in an errata sheet, has my nomination as the worst "new" avian taxon published in the 20th century. It is a pity that it has so much competition." (Olson 1990).
● (syn. Poicephalus Ϯ Brown-necked Parrot P. robustus) (see Eupsittacus)

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