(Corvidae; Ϯ Northern Nutcracker N. caryocatactes) Late Med. L. nucifraga  a name given to the Northern Nutcracker by Turner 1544, as a translation of the German name Nussbrecher  nut-breaker  < L. nux, nucis  nut; frangere  to shatter; "NUCIFRAGA  ...  Nucibus, Amygdalis, &c. victitat" (Brisson 1760); based on "Nucifraga" and "Caryocatactes" of Gessner 1555, and other authors, "Ossifragus" and "Coccothraustes" of Rzaczynski 1721, and "Nut-Cracker" of Edwards 1751; "Nucifraga Brisson, 1760, Ornithologie, 1, p. 30. Type, by tautonymy, "nucifraga," ibid., 2, p. 59 = Corvus caryocatactes Linnaeus." (Blake & Vaurie in Peters 1962, XV, 256).
Synon. Caryocatactes, Picicorvus.

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