(syn. Malacopteron Ϯ Grey-breasted Babbler M. albogulare) Gr. οφρυδιον ophrudion  eyebrow, brow  < dim. οφρυς ophrus, οφρυος ophruos  eyebrow, brow; ορνις ornis, ορνιθος ornithos bird; "GENUS Ophrydornis, n. g.  Type: The only species of the genus.  Bill slender, but broader than high at the nostrils, and much shorter than the head, nasal aperture placed obliquely in front of the nasal groove, rictal bristles very rigid and long, reaching far beyond the nostrils, tail rounded, not much graduated, much shorter than the wing, which is very long for the size of the bird, and twice and a quarter of the length of the tarsus; this latter and the toes very thin and slender.  Centre of breast and abdomen and a distinct eyebrow, beginning at the base of the nostrils and ending above the hind angle of the eye, pure white, the feathers of the fore-part of the eyebrow rigid, erect and somewhat lengthened, a few of them rusty yellow.  This genus differs from Malacopteron by a quite other proportion between tarsus and tail, by the shorter and broader bill and by the white, peculiarly shaped eyebrow.   1.Ophrydornis albigularis." (Büttikofer 1895).

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Recommended citation
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