(Acanthizidae; Ϯ Rock Warbler O. solitaria) Gr. ορυγμα orugma, ορυγματος orugmatos  mine, tunnel, excavation  < ορυσσω orussō  to dig; "Genus ORIGMA.   Bill nearly as long as the head, incurved, carinated, indented near the tip; nostrils oval, lateral, basal, and covered by an operculum; wings moderate, rounded, first quill short, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh nearly equal and longest; tail moderate and slightly rounded; tarsi moderate; toes rather short, the outer toe much longer than the inner; plumage dense.   Type. Saxicola solitaria, Vig. and Horsf.  Rock Warbler of Lewin, pl. XVI" (Gould 1838); "it frequents stony gullies and rocky situations in the neighbourhood of caverns, to the roofs of which it attaches its pendant nest" (Gould 1865). Recent work indicates that this genus should include the mouse warblers Crateroscelis.
Var. Orygma.
Synon. Origmella.

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